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We believe the path towards client satisfaction is paved by embracing the principle that its people are one of its most valuable assets. As a program and at a tactical level, we focus on architecting, implementing, managing, and staffing projects to deliver solutions and exceed client expectations. For APEX Associates, this disciplined and process-driven methodology is fully reflected and articulated by our commitment to technology, not the traditional staffing model.

In an increasingly digital marketplace, technology is no longer merely supporting business operations, but shaping business strategies. Companies in every industry must be ready to embrace the forces that are transforming business objectives and customer expectations. With this knowledge, organizations can obtain the agility required to overcome the next wave of challenges and remain relevant among ever-shifting industry trends.

Our team of client-focused, highly trained, and experienced Information Technology professionals, helps clients better leverage technology investments to satisfy strategic and tactical business requirements. Through our solution practices, architects, and engineers, we leverage our deep base of knowledge to help organizations solve business problems, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency by devising, recommending and deploying business-aligned technology solutions.Type your paragraph here.

Collaborative Managed Services

Our strategy consultants work directly with business leaders to identify core objectives and craft solutions tailored to the client’s need. We quickly prioritize where investment makes sense for the short term and long term.

​Our approach to innovation planning balances objective analysis with subjective discovery. We help organizations plan and manage for innovation including:

  • Startup Evaluations
  • Agile Enterprise
  • Monetization Strategies

APEX Associates has been successfully helping leading organizations implement new collaborative managed services models for getting more work done with the same or less investment.​

We’re a solution provider at our core. So, we understand how important it is to have the right people, with the right expertise, exactly where you need them. That’s how our unique, consultative approach to outsourcing connects your business with the expertise it needs to move forward. 

We start by carefully evaluating your business challenges before developing a customized outsourcing plan. We can assume varying levels of business and technology functions, allowing you to focus on your core missions while still keeping the level of control right for your organization. We take a phased approach, set clear milestones to measure performance, and evaluate and adjust the plan before full rollout. It’s the best way to ensure that our people have the maximum impact on your organization.

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